Three years before Iuliia was born, God told me to go to her home region, Kemerovo in Siberia, Russia.

I didn’t know a soul there. There was no seat on the plane for my interpreter. I didn’t speak any Russian. I didn’t know why I was even there.

But now, when I read Iuliia’s amazing story (it begins on the next page), I get tears in my eyes because I know, now, exactly why God sent me there.

For Iuliia. For her little brother Rustam. For children who hadn’t even been born yet — but who would need to know that Jesus loved them.

God’s Word. Every Child. That’s the vision of OneHope. In Iuliia’s story, you’ll see how critical that vision is … and in the rest of this report, you’ll see how we pursued that vision in 2019 and how the Holy Spirit is making it a reality.

God’s Word has the power to transform young lives. Thank you for helping to share it with Iuliia, with Rustam, with 113 million children and youth, just last year. Your partnership and prayers are reaching the next generation with the Good News.




It was like the circus coming to town — the Americans were coming!

In the industrial city of Novokuznetsk in the Kemerovo region of Siberia, they might as well have been Martians.

Neither Iuliia nor her friends had ever seen an American, and back in 2002, hardly any Americans had ever seen Novokuznetsk.

Iuliia and her friends crowded into the hall for the school assembly. The students were giggling and whispering … What would the Americans look like? Why were they here?

She was disappointed they looked like ordinary human beings — but she was delighted when they gave her the Book of Hope, a salvation bracelet, and a little card that explained about the bracelet.

“I didn’t pay attention to what they said,” Iuliia remembers.

“We were too excited, and we were trying to imitate the way they talked! It sounded so exotic.

“But the book, I kept. It helped me understand there was a God and that I could pray to Him, and He would help me.”It was a lesson she would desperately need just a few months later, when her world fell apart.

Her father left. Her mother started drinking heavily. Iuliia felt lost and alone — and began spending her time with the other kids who were neglected at home and were raising themselves on the streets.

And worse was to come.

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To reach Iuliia, and every child worldwide, our partners face geographic obstacles, language barriers, political resistance, and religious opposition.

“If it were easy, someone would already have done it.”

Iuliia’s story illustrates roadblocks:

She descended from the Turkic people group called Shor who inhabit the Kemerovo region but aren’t technically Russian.

They follow an ancient religion of shamanism — one reason she had never heard about God before: the Shor religion is all about animism, the spirit world, and the occult.

And of course, access to Siberia is not easy.

But as OneHope Founder, Bob Hoskins says, “If it were easy, someone would already have done it.”

Iuliia’s path to faith wasn’t easy, either.

After her father left, her mother remarried, but kept drinking — in fact, it became worse: Iuliia’s new stepfather was also an alcoholic. They began beating and abusing Iuliia.

It was a dark time in her life … but not the darkest. That was yet to come.

Thank God, a seed of hope had been planted in her heart when she received the Book of Hope.

Her story shows that our determination to forge ahead, to go to limited access nations, to reach every child makes an eternal impact.

Iuliia’s story continues on page 11 ...





No countries are closed to the Holy Spirit — He makes a way for God’s Word to be shared!

In 2019, among OneHope’s active programs across the world, we had programs in 38 of the top 50 nations on the Open Doors’ World Watch List for persecution of Christians.

Over 113 million children and youth were reached in these countries through OneHope Scripture engagement programs last year.

These are nations in Africa, Eurasia, and the Middle East with Islamist opposition, nations in Asia and the Pacific Rim where Buddhism and repressive forms of government dominate, and elsewhere.

The Lumière Project and Superbook are two programs that go beyond the barriers and reach into limited access nations with the life-transforming power of God’s Word.


The Lumière Project

Shining God’s light in French-speaking Africa, The Lumière Project is our strategic initiative to reach 6.9 million children and youth with God’s Word in 11 nations of Africa — many are majority Muslim nations with intense opposition to Christianity.

But already, by the grace of God, we have shared His Word with over 2.3 million children and youth through this unique initiative — and our partners have planted more than 2,000 new churches, too.


The Lumière Project​

Bringing Light to French-Speaking Africa


The Superbook Book of Hope was created in partnership with CBN’s popular animated Superbook series. It is a Scripture-rich and incredibly engaging program to help children of primary school age begin their journey with Jesus.

It has been successfully introduced in a majority Hindu nation (where our partners often face intense persecution) and is making a tremendous impact!





A local church facilitated the presentation in Iuliia’s school in Novokuznetsk — and gave her the Book of Hope that showed her there was a God — and she could pray to Him.

As a facilitating and empowering ministry, OneHope provides Scripture engagement programs for local churches and ministries to reach their own children and youth.

This model works marvelously because local church and school leadership know the heartfelt needs of the young people and request the programs that will best connect children and youth with the Good News. Among our exciting church partnerships in 2019:

World Without Sickness

World Without Sickness provides detailed instructions on health and hygiene, which opens doors to schools in areas that are not receptive to Christians. Using Scripture, the book also shares the salvation message. Our partners used this program to reach 1.3 million children in Asia-Pacific in 2019.

A Royal Family Book of Hope

A Royal Family is a new Book of Hope used in Latin America. LeonEl, a lion character in the book, shares God’s Word and teaches children they belong in God’s family. This friendly lion is also the mascot for Avivemos, a movement catalyzing the Church in Latin America to share Scripture with children. In 2019, 2,595,000 children and youth received this Book of Hope.


Lead Today

Our research revealed an interesting phenomenon among African teenagers: they did not want to be leaders, and they thought most leaders were corrupt and contemptible.

We learned that generally the only leaders they had been exposed to were people who appeared to use their power for their own benefit with little to no regard for the people they were supposed to represent.

We knew we had to change this narrative — and who better to help us do this than leadership expert John Maxwell? He and his EQUIP organization partnered with us to create Lead Today. This program not only shares the message of salvation but also develops biblically-based leadership skills in teenagers.

Quickly, we found our partner churches and ministries in nations across the globe were requesting this program — and in 2019, Lead Today was used in 48 nations to teach more than 2.5 million young people the qualities of godly leadership.

48 nations
+2.5 Million
young people




Ensure sure our Scripture engagement programs are relevant for the emerging Gen Z — young people born between 1997 and 2013 — we’re taking steps to learn as much as we can about them.

One of our core values as a ministry is:“Innovation is essential.” This means as generational attitudes change,we change our methods and engagement programs, too.

One result of this ongoing dedication to innovation is a strategic program called Feed. It is a community of leaders and innovators dedicated to seeing youth ministries in North America succeed in raising up the next generation of Christians.

Through this program, we propose a new way of thinking about youth ministry in the local church, specifically tailored to the unique characteristics and spiritual needs of today’s youth — Gen Z.

Feed helps churches address the specific needs of these young people in a way that is relatable and relevant.

In 2019, by God’s grace, more than 480 churches were actively using Feed programs. There were more than10,000 total Feed content downloads on Open Network, and more than 2,000 users.




unique users


downloads on
Open Network





Here’s what the experts say about Gen Z:

• They’re professional multi-taskers.
• They decide whether to pay attention to something in the first 8 seconds when it’s presented.
• They often prefer texting to talking face-to-face.1

What we don’t know yet is what they think about God, faith, identity… These and related issues are what out Gen Z research project is all about.
Our 2-year research project seeks to discover …

• What Gen Z thinks about faith, the Bible, Jesus, the Church, identity, and technology.
• What are their attitudes and goals in life?
• What are their biggest struggles?
• Who influences their opinions and decisions?
• What impact does digital connection make on a generation?I


A 2-year project to take us into the hearts and minds of a generation ...

up with the internet is the defining characteristic of Gen Z.

8 hours

is the average time Gen Z spends online daily


interact with a phone or tablet while also watching TV.

Gen Z (born from 1997-2013) makes up 25% of the world’s population.

WORLD      7.6 billion

    GEN Z      1.8 billion

The spend
3 hours
a day on social media.


are globally connected via the internet.


98% of Gen Z internet users own a cell phone.


of Gen Z lives in India or China.

In 2019, we conducted 34 focus groups in 14 countries.

In 2020, we’ll conduct a global survey of 8,000+ Gen Z members.

Watch for the results next year!




Iuliia thought they were going to kill her. Her mother and stepfather were drunk and had beaten her bloody — Now her mother was about to smash a 3-liter glass liquor bottle into her head!

Somehow Iuliia managed to deflect the blow —

“I think it was God who was already protecting me back then,” Iuliia says.

She fled into the night and tried to phone her father … but the woman he lived with told her she couldn’t speak to her dad — and the best thing would be if she just killed herself!

Aching, alone, and unwanted, Iuliia remembered from her Book of Hope that she could pray to God. But would He listen? Would He answer?

YES! By God’s grace, Iuliia found shelter with her grandmother that night … and astoundingly, later, her mother stopped drinking.

Iuliia was able to go back to live with her mother, and soon she had a new baby brother, Rustam.

And in the next few years, Iuliia and her mother found their way to the local church, where they both committed their lives to Christ.

Today, Iuliia serves on a One Year for Jesus mission team, helping to distribute the Book of Hope to other Russian children and teenagers — That very same book, which once told her that there was a God, and that He would hear her prayers!

“I realized that what I had to go through in those years after the story of my meeting with missionaries … I was able to see very clearly — the big picture of God’s love for me.”

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for showing  Iuliia, and millions of young people like her, all across the globe, the big picture of God’s love for them. Your gift of His Word transformed lives every day in 2019 and will continue to do so into the future.




Iuliia’s service on the One Year for Jesus Team is part of the Hosanna Plan.

It’s the church-planting initiative created to share God’s Word with each of the approximately 100,000 cities, towns, and villages of Russia that have not yet received the Good News and do not have a church.

Many One Year for Jesus teams of volunteers share the Gospel in hundreds of communities every year, using Book of Hope and The GodMan film, along other OneHope Scripture engagement tools and innovative programs.

Teams like Iuliia’s arrive in each new village or town and share God’s Word with the children through evangelism outreach events.

New believers are organized into a fellowship group, with the goal of launching a new church.

To date, by God’s grace, more than 37 million children and youth have received God’s Word through the Hosanna Plan, and more than 4,000 churches have been planted, too!





Iuliia’s story shows the perfect circle of transformation by the power of God’s Word.

She received the Book of Hope as a third-grader; now she is grown and serves as a missionary, reaching out to other children and youth with the Book of Hope.

We praise God for what has been accomplished in her life, what she is accomplishing with her life, and what the Lord did through OneHope Scripture programs in 2019. We praise Him for providing friends and partners like you!

Millions more young people like Iuliia are still waiting to receive the Good News about Jesus in Russia, in Asia, in Latin America, across the USA.

Literally hundreds of OneHope Scripture engagement programs are in operation, all over the world, right now. On average, every $1 connects 3 children and youth with God’s Word through these programs:

• Three children in a sensitive nation where Islam dominates.
• Three children in the darkness of Eastern religion.
• Three children whose families are trapped in ancestor worship or Voodooism.
• Three children who have never heard the name of Jesus.


3 Children

A single dollar shares the Good News with three. How many will you reach with hope for eternity?

Thank you for partnering with OneHope again today to fulfill the Great Commission through the vision of God’s Word. Every Child.




What is life like for teenagers in your country and how can we pray for them?

Matthias from Germany

With OneHope since July 2015

Social media and Hollywood have a big impact on teens in Germany, but they often lack a real community to belong to. Teens, even those from Christian families, are regularly exposed to secularism. It can be difficult to get a relevant Gospel message to the youth. Instead, they often get a very traditionalized, institutionalized image of the church and of Christianity.

Pray that they would be hungry for God. That teens would grow in their engagement with the Word of God and stand steadfast in the Word. That they would be strong and stand even when it doesn’t feel good.

Jenny from Costa Rica

With OneHope since March 2015

Many teenagers in my country have problems with drugs and alcohol and live in broken families. These single parent families mean the kids are alone a lot of the time. They take drugs and alcohol to help them cope.

Pray for the teenagers to know Jesus. We need the Word of God in our country and in our kids. Pray that the Word would take root in their hearts.

Alessandro from Brazil

With OneHope since July 2005

Teenagers in my country are influenced by American culture, music, and English movies. Even more than their own regional culture, they are more influenced by American culture.

Pray that the teens could meet Jesus and would develop a real faith. Pray that this generation finding a genuine faith will transform our nation and our people. Not just now, but in the future.

Mark from Sierra Leone

With OneHope since April 2008

While children in the urban areas have the opportunity to go to school, many in the rural areas do not have that opportunity. Some, who can go to school, will walk two or three miles to get there. As for the Gospel, the children in urban areas have more access than those in rural areas. The difficulty in my country is more than poverty. It is difference in access to the Gospel.

Pray that God will intervene and provide. That the children and youth in my country would be freed from the bondage of witchcraft and secret societies. Pray that the Gospel would be preached to every child and youth in Sierra Leone.

Aaron* from Southern Asia

With OneHope since June 2011

Teenagers in my country like to play and watch sports. They are learning a new level of independence and how to think like an adult. They want to be more creative.

Pray for their education. Teens in my country need a good, holistic education.

Ann* from Asia Pacific

With OneHope since January 2018

For teenagers in my country, the biggest question is what they will do with their life. After school and university, they don’t know what will happen. So, identity is the biggest difficulty for them. Some teenagers think that they will have to prove that they’re worth something. Prove that they can do special things, and try to be someone else, not themselves. Because of that, they have many idols in their lives. They follow fashionistas, or they follow stars. They dress like them and talk the way they do.

Pray that they would understand they need to have God in their life. That they would surrender control of their life to God and find their identity only in Him.

*Name changed to protect the identity of our partners



We believe our OneHope family of support are co-laborers — and one of our core values as a ministry is, “We believe that we are accountable to God and man.” In order to be transparent and accountable, we’ve included the graphs and numbers here to show you the sources of income for the ministry and how the resources are used to help further the vision of God’s Word. Every Child.

We are a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and uphold its standards. To see a complete listing of our audited financial statements, please visit: onehope.net/financials




















Our OneHope mission is to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world.

It’s a mission we began in 1987 — and now, by His grace, together we’ve reached over 1.6 billion children with the life-transforming Word of God.

Thank you for being part of this, for your dedication to going, even to the most difficult places, so that every young person can receive the Good News.

I first heard Iuliia’s remarkable story when she shared it at a gathering of friends and partners in Russia. I never tire of hearing stories like hers. Through her life, you’ve seen just how powerful the Word is to transform lives. And in this new decade, to hundreds of millions more!

I ask you today for your prayers and faithful partnership, on behalf of the next generation.

Thank you, and God bless you. We love and appreciate you!

Bob Hoskins


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“And he took a child and put him in the midst of them, and taking him in his arms, he said to them, Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.’”
Mark 9:36-37 (ESV)

WE BELIEVE our mission is a God given vision.

WE BELIEVE that we can save no one and that God can save anyone.

WE BELIEVE that God’s word is inspired, infallible, inerrant, and all powerful.

WE BELIEVE that innovation is essential.

WE BELIEVE that God, through the obedience of his people, provides the resources for ministry.

WE BELIEVE that we are accountable to God and man.

WE BELIEVE that our purity of motive, heart, and purpose will determine the future of this ministry.

WE BELIEVE that those who support the ministry financially are our partner in world missions.

WE BELIEVE we are a facilitating and empowering ministry.


In partnership with local churches, ministries, and governments around the world, OneHope has reached more than 1.6 billion children and youth with God’s Word. Based on in-country research OneHope conducts, Scripture programs are designed to be age and culturally relevant. Since 1987, OneHope has helped kids experience God’s Story, sharing the life-changing message of hope with children and youth in every country.